Things to remember when restyling fur

How Long Does it Take to Restyle Luxury Furs?

Styles change over time, and naturally, you want to keep updated with the latest in fashion. Did you know that your luxury furs are an investment that you can enjoy for many more years with fur restyling? For your updated fur to be ready in time for cold weather, you may wonder how long the restyling process takes.

How Long Does It Take to Restyle Luxury Furs?

Overall, it may take several weeks to have your fur restyled. A consultation can tell you more precisely. We recommend that you consider getting your choice piece in for a restyle during the summer months so that you’re sure to receive your finished items well before the cold season sets in. If there are any needed adjustments, you’ll have time to sort things out before you need your fur available for wear.

Consider Your Options

When a fur is restyled, the changes most clients ask for are adjustments to garment elements such as shoulder shape, coat length, the fullness or shaping of the sleeves, or shearing the pile to an elegant length that changes the whole look. You may have the entire piece made narrower or the style changed from flared to straight (or vice versa). Just as with regular tailoring, some changes take a bit more skill, and therefore time, than others.

New Pieces From Old

Sometimes, the changes you want to a fur garment can result in enough extra fabric that a hat, scarf, or stole can also be created from the original. Or, have two vests made from one coat and share with a family member or friend. You may wait a little longer to get more than one piece out of your old item so that all pieces are finished skillfully, but we think that is completely worth a little extra time.

Repurpose Furs

You could take an old, out-of-style coat and have it made into an entire set of accessories to go with a different coat or even home decor items. Pillows, handbags, headbands, or even teddy bears are all options you could choose. You can use the fur as a lining in another garment or turn it into a patchwork throw. The long-lasting quality of fur would make any of these especially great gifts.

Appreciate the Process

Just a note that we appreciate what you’re doing. Restyling furs is a sustainable process that repurposes existing pieces and gives them a new life. This reduces waste and extends the usefulness of a wonderful resource you already own and cherish. What a great choice for yourself and for the planet. It honors the natural circle of life.

One of the best pleasures in life is a refreshed wardrobe or complete modern garment that is sheared and reversible will have you ready for a new season. Planning ahead for your fresh new look and letting go of anything outdated to make way for something cutting-edge and fashionable is so much fun. Consult our location at Northpark Mall and update your fur from something that once weighed on your mind into a piece (or two) that you can’t wait to show off.