Koslow's Furs

Koslow’s is Returning to Oklahoma City!

With the retirement of Gene and Ashlie Atkinson, Koslow’s and Geno’s Furs have teamed up on an exciting new joint venture. Geno’s & Koslow’s Luxury Outerwear opened this month in the previous Geno’s location at Northpark Mall. We welcome you to experience an impeccable level of professional fur service just for you and your furs.

As Oklahoma City’s only exclusive furrier, Geno’s & Koslow’s offers complete care of your precious furs. On-site services include cold-climate fur storage, cleaning and conditioning, restyling and repair, relining, and monogramming. Our relaxing showroom includes the finest selection of beautiful garments including mink, sable, chinchilla, fox, and lynx—as well as cozy shearling, contemporary leather, fur-trimmed cashmere, versatile accessories, and a sharp collection of men’s outerwear.

You will know and recognize our experienced and knowledgeable staff at the new store. Steve Daggs, our store manager, has been closely involved in the fur industry for over 40 years; beginning in 1978 as co-manager of family-owned Willmann’s Furriers. He then brought his expertise to Miss Jackson’s of Tulsa as the manager of their fur salon. Most recently, Steve was the manager of Koslow’s in Oklahoma City for 14 years.

Ollie, Janice, and Rachel are seasoned professionals who bring 35+ years of combined knowledge and service to Geno’s and Koslow’s. Ollie and Janice, both from Koslow’s, are excited to reconnect and serve you once again. Rachel, a familiar face at Geno’s for over 10 years, also looks forward to assisting you in your fur needs.

Owners Angelo Anastasiou and Gregory Albert are honored to continue the legacy of these two respected brands. If you’ve ever had your fur restyled at Koslow’s or Geno’s, it was master furrier Angelo Anastasiou behind the design. He has been a close colleague of Koslow’s and Geno’s for over 40 years. Angelo’s passion as a 2nd-generation master furrier established him as a highly-regarded figure in the luxury outerwear industry. His company, ANAMODA, is well-known for the design and creation of fine furs in New York City and beyond.

Gregory Albert of Charlotte, NC is the owner of Douglas and Montaldo’s Furs, Outerwear & Fine Jewelry. He has additional locations in Raleigh, NC and Roanoke, VA as well. Greg is the 5th-generation of his family legacy in the fur business. He is thrilled to bring his talents to the people of Oklahoma City.

We look forward to serving all of your fur fashion needs!