The Versatility of Transitional Fur Fashions

Fashionable fur-wearing people love the suppleness and richness of glamorous furs. You can achieve this look through coats, jackets, vests, ponchos, wraps and accessories. All of these everlasting fashion silhouettes give you the “the look” regardless of the outside temperature.

Winter Fur

Cold Weather Fur

When it is not the deep winter, the 40-degree temperature calls for a natural fur, easily worn with a multitude of styles to suit your lifestyle. Wild furs like sable, lynx, fox and coyote show their beauty in their unique markings and fluffiness. Clean lines are easily revealed through the shearing process of fine quality furs like mink, beaver and muskrat. And the classic choice of mink in both natural colors and dyed fashion shades will keep you covered.
Spring Fur

Springtime Fur

The 50-degree fur can be a lighter weight piece. A fur lined raincoat doubles with its versatility of being worn with either the fur side out or flipped around to reveal a fur trimmed water repellant fabric of your choosing. A fine gauge knit sweater or cape with a fur accent will feel cozy in this type of climate. Italian 100% cashmere fur trimmed jackets are also a great choice when it is not too chilly out. And if you have a coat with a detachable hood or even detachable sleeves, you can remove them for a lighter look.
Summer Fur

Summer Fur

The 60-degree temperature calls for something to throw on like a light weight wool wrap trimmed with mink or rex rabbit for a smooth look. And of course, “The Vest” is always a great way to go, allowing you to wear an easy top underneath to accentuate the style.

And when it heats up, a fun colorful fur charm hanging from your bag is a great way to show your personality. Choose from fox or raccoon pom-poms, mink hearts or a kookie character that will drum up a conversation—fur charms show your expression throughout the calendar year.
Fur Accessories

Where to Find Transitional Fur?

So you see how fur fashions are not just for the winter. Come visit the Oklahoma furrier you’ve known and trusted for decades, Geno’s and Koslow’s Luxury Outerwear, to find all the options available to you. Our expert staff will guide your way and if you happen to fall in love with your next cold-weather fur coat, we’ll store it for you until the winter 2023-24 season.

We are conveniently located at The Shoppes at Northpark at 12016 North May Avenue, Monday thru Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm. And don’t forget to love your furs by storing them with us in our professionally certified on-site cold storage facility that will allow them to last for years to come. Oh the possibilities of fabulous transitional fur fashions from you favorite OKC furrier. Fur is fashion and we are sure the fashion selections available to you at Geno’s and Koslow’s are extraordinary!

The Perfect Place to Buy a Gift in Oklahoma City

Tis the season – it’s chilly here in Oklahoma City. With the holidays upon us, your search for the perfect gift to show you care can lead you to an everlasting purchase. When someone means the world to you, they deserve the very best.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the endless stream of online products and promotions a click can satisfy this time of year. And for convenience, gift cards may take the pressure off but certainly lack any personal sentiment. So how do you fill your list? Luckily, your favorite OKC furrier is here to help!

The Ultimate Winter Gift Idea

To get your special someone through these frigid months, show your thoughtfulness by giving the gift of warmth. Perhaps we are a bit biased, but fur is sure to be a holiday show-stopper. Select a head-turning new coat or cozy fur fashion accessory. If you want to win Christmas, look no further. It’s timeless; it’s stylish; it’s functional. When someone unwraps a new fur, they are getting so much more than just another present. They are wrapping themselves into a steward of a fine garment designed and crafted with tradition and beauty.

Natural fur fashions have evolved, adapting to current fashion trends while retaining their chic and traditional flare. They are timeless and everlasting. This holiday season, give your special person a lifetime of joy and endless warmth and style.

Christmas Window Shopping

Something for Everyone

When it comes to luxury outerwear we have you covered. Our store is filled with a spectacular collection of fine fur coats, jackets, vests and ponchos and a tremendous selection of capes, scarves, headbands, purses, gloves and other fashion accessories. And fur is not limited to the ladies; our men’s department offers great choices from casual everyday wearing to formal coating. Many items are one-size-fits-all as well as petite and plus size and the color palate is endless. Our expert staff loves making your job easy, knowing that no matter who you are shopping for, Genos’ and Koslow’s has you covered!

A Better Shopping Experience

There’s a reason we’ve been Oklahoma City’s trusted furrier for decades. Our passion for fine furs is evident from the moment you step into our store. Customer service is paramount and we love what we do. We’re here to help guide you to the perfect gift for that special person in your life – in an elegant and comfortable retail setting. No clicking around or closing pop-up ads here. Experience fur shopping in person through a touch and feel encounter for yourself.

Holiday Fur Window Display

We appreciate your choosing Geno’s and Koslow’s as your favorite OKC furrier knowing how our commitment to you doesn’t end with the swipe of your credit card. We strive to become your go-to professionals in the protection and preservation of your investment for years to come through our expert in-store cleaning, repair and storage services.

Geno’s and Koslow’s Luxury Outerwear is conveniently located at The Shoppes at Northpark in Oklahoma City. Free parking is abundant just outside of our doors. Come see us Monday – Saturday or call (405) 752 8959 for all of your fur fashion needs.

Happy holidays from our family to yours!

Top Fashion Trends in Women’s Fur Coats 2022

The four seasons set the trends hand in hand with the ramp walks, and if there is something that stands out, especially when the winter arrives, it is the fur coat. Fur is something that has never gone out of fashion, giving both men and women the opportunity to emphasize their originality with the latest trends-not to mention their primary purpose of keeping warm. Each season brings with it new trends.

Here are some of the top trends in women’s fur coats for 2022 in terms of their length, colors, and styles!

2022 General Fashion Trends in the Types of Fur

Let’s start our discussion with the types of fur in trend this year. Fur is related to geography. Naturally, an animal living in a cold climate will have thicker fur, so the wild furs in trend include mink, arctic fox, and fox. If there’s a fur for 2022, it is the beaver fur coat, a fur associated with grace, beauty, and luxury and the best option for the coldest climates. They are also light, soft, and water-repellent.

Some designers combine several different fur types in one coat and offer original designs. Mink and beaver furs combined look spectacular and are trending this year.

Fur Coat Trends in 2022-Long or Short?

The floor-length coats are back in style this season. The length in women’s fur coats in 2022 is the elongated classic for an impressive and elegant look. They are often simple and monochrome and in a straight cut. If you find this option is right for you, you can even add a spin to it by opting for a checkered or plaid fur coat.

However, short styles still remain popular for their comfort and practicality. Some find short coats more stylish and combine them with a belt or buckle. Length is a matter of personal preference that depends on your comfort level, region, personal style, etc.

Color Trends in Women’s Fur Coats

Why choose just one color? Plaid is timeless. This pattern is becoming the most popular this season and can be made in green, black, brown, burgundy, and white colors.

However, an excellent option for this season is acquiring a cream and milk caramel shade for delicate natural tones. All shades of gray, smoke, brown, and chocolate are also in trend.

Fashion designers mix colors and fabrics in their creations, creating unique combinations, sometimes inappropriate at first glance but shocking and eye-catching. Styles to fit every unique personality!

Animal Print Furs

Animal prints have also made a comeback and are desirable in winter coats for women and men this year. A chic leopard print in a fashionable design is a classic in fur coats that stands out from the rest.

These are some of the top fashion trends in women’s fur coats in 2022. Regardless of the styles, colors, and lengths in fashion, your personal choice, comfort, and preference come into play while choosing fur.

And, remember that to acquire the latest trend, you don’t have to buy a new fur. You can alter your old fur into a new trendy design by opting for a custom-made restyling at Geno’s & Koslow’s, a full-service furrier in Oklahoma. Whether it is the storage, conditioning, repair, or alteration of your furs, Geno’s & Koslow’s is the right choice. Contact (405) 752-8959 for more information!

Restyle Your Old Fur Coat

You have a fur just sitting in your closet that you haven’t worn in a really long time because you feel it’s out of style and you don’t know what to do with it. You may be thinking about selling it. Before you do, consider restyling. Depending on your coat’s condition and your personal taste, you have ample options to transform it into a very modern and sophisticated design that you will look forward to wearing.

Alter Length

Extra-long coats that were once in fashion decades ago now seem outdated. Many women today prefer the ease of movement and a casual look. They want a piece they can wear more often in their day-to-day. A good option is to transform a long and heavy fur into a shorter, more casual style.

Some of the options for length include:

  • Raise the hem: You can opt for a hem length above the knee for a chic style. You may also want to reduce the extra bulk. Raising the hem is one good option to lighten the weight.
  • Even Shorter: You may want to make your fur even shorter by taking the hem up to the hip. This length allows you optimal comfort in carrying out your daily tasks.
  • Fur Vests: Fur vests have been become more popular in recent years. They can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts or slacks. You can turn your old fur into a fur vest by shortening the length and removing the sleeves. You can even shear the fur or add cashmere to further update it.
  • Accessories: Your old fur can also be converted into a scarf or headband. You can even take the fur pieces leftover from your new fur vest to make additional accessories.


You may want an entirely new silhouette and change everything about your old coat, from reducing shoulders to changing the waistline. Shoulders, for example, are often too big in garments. Minimizing them improves the overall look of your garment. Another idea would be to turn dolman sleeves into a more fitted look.

Go for Shearing

If the heaviness is your main concern, go for shearing. You can turn your heavy coat into a more casual, lightweight garment to wear every day without feeling weighed down.

Add Little Details

We have many different options for restyling. We can even convert your old coats into home décor or keepsake items, such as pillows, cushion covers, throws, blankets or a teddy bear for a child.

With summer right around the corner, it’s a good time to consider restyling your coats. Most of our clients prefer to update their winter wear during autumn but this time of the year is actually the best time to get your old fur reconditioned and updated.

There are so many various options available to bring your old fur back to life. Instead of hanging them in in a closet all year, consider restyling them from a renowned local furrier. Bring them to Geno’s & Koslow’s (G&K) and walk away with a new, stylish and modern silhouette, up to the current trends. Call (405) 752-8959 or contact us for more information.